Aboriginal Patients’ Lodge

We believe in your ability to heal

 Aboriginal Patients’ Lodge features beautifully furnished apartments for you to feel comfortable, bring your family, enjoy cooking and focus on the healing path.  Each suite has a full size, equipped kitchen so you can cook for your loved one with traditional healing foods.  Your private kitchen enables control over the hygiene of meal preparation, as well as salt, fat and sugar content.   We create the conditions that are necessary in an accommodation to improve health outcomes. 

  The Aboriginal Patients’ Lodge is the first of its kind in BC!  We serve over 400 guests per year coming to Vancouver from communities across the province for surgery,   chemotherapy, radiation, pregnancy, transplant operation, diagnostic tests, and appointments.  Our patient guests range in age from infants to elders.  Our Lodge is the top choice for long term patients who need to cook for their special diet and heal during treatment.

Both the concept and the architecture of this project stand as a unique best practice for Aboriginal people and the various other partners in Canada.  Our Aboriginal Patients’ Lodge was awarded the Best Practice in Affordable Housing in Canada by CMHC (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation) in 2006.   The Lodge is located in the Art Zoccole Family Housing project at 1254 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver.

Voices of our Guests

“The Lodge makes my children feel more at home than hotels”

“I was able to heal better from chemotherapy because there’s no stress and my family can cook for me”

“When my son had chemo and radiation our family could still try to be normal.”

“It’s scary coming to Vancouver when you’re in crisis. We feel comfortable here and always come back to the Lodge when the children have their appointments at BC Childrens’.”

“You’re so blessed to spend the last few weeks with my sister.  Thank you for all you’ve done to help out my sister & my family.”

Thank you so much for helping with mom! You helped make it a beautiful experience.”

“We stayed at a big Hotel on Broadway. The costs of restaurants, meals, with no cooking units was hard on usbecause we didn’t have enough meal money.”

“Mathew and I really enjoyed staying at the Lodge because it was comfortable, friendly staff, who looked after our rooms, close to shopping stores, bus services, groceries.”

“The time we had together here as a couple was very special for Fred and I because it was four months in total, just healing in peace.”

”For us, we always come back to the Lodge because its my family’s healing place and we have good memories here.”

“My family is kind of big and most of us got to come here while Mum had the baby.”

“It’s really nice here and my aunty lives on the 3rd floor.”

“I didn’t know what to do with myself because of the stress of baby girl being sick, so having my other kids with me and being able to cook and do dishes helped a lot.”

“This is such a nice place to come with elders. You have the equipment we need.”