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What to Expect


What to Expect….

We provide culturally safe accommodations for Aboriginal families to stay during their medical treatment in Vancouver. Families who are on a healing journey to recover from cancer, transplant operation, surgery, complex pregnancy etc. usually stay with us for a month or more.

  • Each suite has a fully equipped kitchen so you can bring food from home to make traditional home cooked meals.   Families take care of their kitchen, food and dishes.
  • Our Suites are fully furnished and supplied with linens.
  • Our Housekeeping Team cleans each Suite for one hour twice a week.
  • Housekeeping is mandatory so we can keep our Suites hygienic and healthy for patients. Guests are welcome to visit the Amenity Room to relax while Housekeeping cleans your Suite.  Guests are responsible for putting away their personal items, dishes and food so our team can do a great job of cleaning.
  • We are located a few blocks from Commercial Drive and 2 blocks from VCC Langara Skytrain station.

Health & Safety

  • The Lodge is a healing place for all of our Patient Guests and families.                                      
  • We are responsible for providing a safe place for families all under one roof.
  • No drugs, alcohol or partying.
  • No smoking on the property.
  • No pets / animals.
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.


Checking in

Please contact your Check-in Contact if your trip will be delayed.                              

Guests check in before 9pm.