Rates & Booking

We do not extra for family members and we do not charge tax.   We are non-profit and charge enough to break even.   Please keep the sleeping capacity of your suite in mind.

Daily & monthly Lodge Rates:  2017-2018

  Daily Rate Monthly Rate for tays over 30 days
One Bedroom Suite (sleeps 4) $105      $100 / night
Two Bedroom Suite (sleeps 6) $120      $115 / night
Three Bedroom Suite (sleeps 7)    $130      $125 / night

Finding a Sponsor

Sponsorship may be found to assist in paying for transportation and accommodation for the patient and an escort to come to Vancouver for medical treatment.   The sponsor may help you to arrange your trip and cover the costs for your accommodation.

On-reserve First Nations patients can approach their Community Health Representative (CHR) at their Band Health Centre to arrange travel accommodation.   If your reserve does not have a health centre, on-reserve status patients can look for sponsorship for medical travel with First Nations Health Authority.

Off-reserve status persons can apply to the First Nations Health Authority for Travel benefits.  

If you are receiving Social Assistance, you can apply to the Ministry to cover your medical travel expenses.

Making a Booking

a. Plan your travel arrangements with your Community Health Representative (CHR) who will be sponsoring your trip.  Request your CHR to make a reservation with our Lodge

b. Plan your travel arrangements with your Ministry worker who will make a booking with our Lodge

c. If you do not have a sponsor for medical travel and you are paying out of pocket for your trip, you can call the Lodge Office and book a suite.   The full payment for your stay will be required in cash or money order upon check-in.

To call for availability to stay with us at Aboriginal Patients’ Lodge, please call:  (604) 707-9191