Community Entity

Lu’ma Native Housing Society, being the Community Entity, is determined to enable Aboriginal homelessness service providers to access funding needed to provide vital services.

In the year 2,000, Lu’ma partnered with Service Canada and the Aboriginal Homelessness Steering Committee of BC (with a membership of over 20 service providers) to assist in the delivery of funding and assist in the areas of reporting.

Also, Lu’ma has been a very strong advocate for Aboriginal homelessness issues in Canada with many think tanks visiting us from Ottawa to Vancouver to learn about our solutions.  Today, the homelessness initiative at Lu’ma continues to assist Aboriginal homelessness service providers in Vancouver to apply and access funding successfully, monitor & evaluate projects, and ensure complete reporting.

2019-2024 Indigenous Community Plan Coming Soon!

Provincial “Other Urban Areas” 2020-2024 REACHING HOME CALL FOR PROPOSALS

Dear Community Partners identified as Other Urban Areas,

The Community Entity (CE), Lu’ma Native BCH Housing Society (LU’MA BCH) invites submissions in response to this Call for Proposals (CFP) for Reaching Home (RH) funding to meet the priorities set out in the 2019-2024 Investment Plan approved by the Provincial Indigenous Homelessness Committee (PIHC) on October 10, 2019.

Enclosed within the package you will find:

  1. The RH Application Guide (PROV)
  2. The RH Application Form (PROV)
  3. Appendix A: Proposed Activity and Results Work Plan with Sustainability Plan or Exit Strategy (PROV)
  4. APPENDIX B BudgetDetailTemplate(PROV)
  5. Appendix B-1: Projected Five-Year Annual Operating Budget (for Capital Projects only) (PROV)
  6. Appendix C: Capital Project Sustainability Checklist (for Capital Projects only) (PROV)
  7. APPENDIX D Submission Checklist RH 2020-2024(PROV)
  8. Appendix E: MOU (PROV)

Please ensure all sections of the package are read and understood.

A complete application package must be received via email at on or before the due date of Thursday January 30, 2020 not later than 4:00 pm timestamped by LU’MA BCH server. An email receipt will be sent upon receipt of submission. Incomplete application package and late submission will not be considered.

All inquiries related to this CFP are to be directed in writing to Linda LaVallee Information obtained from any other source is not official and may be inaccurate.

We look forward to your submissions.


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