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We encourage applicants to apply to as many affordable housing providers as you can as early as you can.   There are dozens of affordable housing societies and hundreds of affordable housing buildings in GVRD. 

There are over 3,500 individuals and families on Lu’ma’s waitlist for housing with subsidy.  People wait many years before landing housing with subsidy provided.  To apply for housing with Lu’ma Native Housing Society at least fifty percent (50%) of the applicant’s family must be of Aboriginal ancestry.  This includes First Nations, Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis persons who may be status or non-status.

Units available may be designated market or non-market units.  Eligibility is evaluated on an individual basis through assessment of income, family size, health, current housing conditions, being a student etc.

Application Process

To apply for Housing,  please click on the Applicant Form link below to download it. 

You can save the form to your computer, complete it and email it to us:  INFO@LNHS.CA                                                            or you can print the application, fill it out by hand (print clearly) and fax or mail the form to us.   Please complete all the questions.

It is important to enter a mailing address so that we can mail you a Letter of Confirmation that your application was received.   The Letter of Confirmation will outline the following process:

FormYour application will be entered into the Wait List which is lengthy and constantly changing. Our Society does not provide emergency housing.  Once you receive your Letter of Confirmation, you can contact Tenant Relations for an Interview Assessment. When a unit becomes available that fits your profile, you will be contacted.

If your address, family composition or income changes –  then you must fill out an Application Update so we can keep your profile up to date and contact you when a unit becomes available.   Click on the Application Update link below to download the form.   The Update form can be emailed to us at INFO@LNHS.CA     or faxed or mailed.

New Rental Opportunity in Colwood, BC!  To find out more click the link below:

Notice of Rental Opportunity


Applicant forms:

Lu’ma Application Cover Letter

Lu’ma Housing Application

Colwood Application Cover Letter

Colwood Housing Application

Applicant Update forms:

Lu’ma Application Update Form

Colwood Application Update Form