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Aboriginal Youth Mentorship


19 & Homeless

19 & Homeless is a documentary that captures two years in the lives of a group of former foster kids as they age out of care and into a future where the odds are already stacked against them. Their personal struggles are gripping, their voices compelling, and their ordinary everyday tragedies overwhelming.


To provide Aboriginal Youth with mentorship and housing and support the transition from foster care to Adulthood; to connect our youth to community and adult allies.
To be the extended family that our youth often do not have.


To end Aboriginal Youth Homelessness; by empowering our youth to invest in their future.
To facilitate growth of our youth and ensure they attain the knowledge of living in a holistic manner, taking care of their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental needs.


To provide meaningful programming
To connect our youth to other resources
To prepare our youth as Adulthood approaches
To learn about tenancy and being good tenants
To house all our youth participants
To have all participants enrolled in school or meaningful employment.

Program Introduction

The Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program of Lu’ma Native Housing is modeled after the “Jim Casey Initiative”, a widely successful program for youth aging out of foster care in the United States of America. The one adaption that was purposefully made for the youth that we are assisting was to thread Aboriginal Culture throughout delivery.

It is of utmost importance that our program delivery is made up of youth driven initiatives that are both flexible and adaptable to the current needs of the youth we are working with as a group and further to each youth’s individual plans.

Interconnectedness is a common thread to success in every stage of development, our program strives to build healthy meaningful relationships with our youth that are similar to that of family. We are here to walk through the trials and tribulations of young life experiences without judgement or conditions. Instead we support the youth and assist with each of their goals through advocating, connecting to community resources and cultural connections. We know that having connections to people and places gives us a sense of belonging, honor and self-worth. In many Aboriginal Communities our children are raised by the community as a whole including Parents, Aunties, Uncles, extended family and community members, our program delivery aims to recreate or enhance each youth’s community base. Family foundations are recreated in our model of family dinner together twice a week before workshops so we can learn and experience together.

We meet over 120 times a year in workshops, field trips and One to One mentorship sessions to build community connections both aboriginal and non-aboriginal assisting each youth with the 12 key development areas.


Culture is the basis of our whole program, at any given time in any of our workshops, culture is woven into our sessions. We host ceremony as it is a rite of passage for our participants, Arts, Dance, Music and Storytelling are woven into the plan that is Youth Mentorship.


Developing Trust, Respect, Boundaries, Conflict Resolution, Roles of Individuals, Building Support, Love & Affection.


Communication, Active Listening, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Self-Motivation, Time Management, Creating Social Capital.

Goal Setting

Vision Boards, Education & Employment Planning, Personal Progress Tool.


Self-Esteem & Confidence, Self-Awareness & Exploration, Family & Connection with Community, Cultural Awareness.

Health & Wellness

Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health, Planned Parenting, Healthy Sexual Relationships, Physical Fitness, Cultural Physical Activities, Accessing Healthcare, Healthy Cooking, Nutrition, Hygiene, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Grief & Loss, Suicide Prevention, Self-Defense.


Homeless Prevention, Tenancy Coaching, Ready to Rent, Housing Advocacy.


High School Completion, Education Counselling, Field Trips to Educational Institutions & Information Workshops, Career Cruising & Occupational Research, And Exploring Strengths & Interests.

Skills & Training

Office & Computer Skills, First Aid, Food safe, WHIMIS, First host, Researching Educational Programs, Career Cruising, Leadership Skills, Advocacy Skills & Communication Training.


Job Readiness, Resume Skills, Interview Skills, Job Hunting, Work Experience, Community Stewardship.

Financial Literacy

Budgeting, Financial Planning, Youth Passport, Taxes, Financial Stability.


Evaluating Business Ideas, Marketing Plan, Human Resource Plan, Financial Plan, Legal & Regulatory Plan, Workshops, Organizational Behavior.


Crime Prevention, Anti-Gang, Date Rape, Sexual Exploitation, Legal Aid, Abuse & Violence.

Adddress & Information

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