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Community Voice Mail

Lu’ma Native Housing Society is proud to present Community Voice Mail in Canada – launched in Vancouver, 2010.  We provide local phone numbers with voicemail to people who are homeless &/or phoneless, giving them the tool they need to connect to job, housing, social service opportunities and to stay in touch with their family.  CISCO donated over $500,000 in technology and expertise to connect vulnerable people as part of their Corporate Responsibility Program.  

Community Voice Mail is a best practice program that helps over 2,000 people annually in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary and Prince George).  Plans are underway to introduce our Community Voice Mail in other urban centres that would benefit; Winnipeg, Regina, Montreal etc.  

The Lower Mainland Community Voice Mail program hosted by Lu’ma provides 1,700 free phone numbers to over 120 service providers of housing, employment, healthcare and social services in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Whalley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody and Langley.

Community Voice mail is hosted in Calgary by Metis Calgary Family Services ( and in Prince George by Prince George Metis Housing Society (


Case workers can reach their clients. Their homeless and/or phoneless clients can reach their goals….

Imagine the benefits!

“It’s a fantastic service. It’s a lifesaver for me and my granddaughter.   We can get our messages…especially important medical ones. Hope it keeps going.”                            Lorraine, Community Voice Mail Vancouver client                                                      

 “Community Voice Mail is an excellent service for me. I’m homeless and people can leave me messages. I can find work now and my family can reach me. I really appreciate it.”                                        Terry, Community Voice Mail Vancouver client

Community Voice Mail helps me a lot. I live in a shelter and don’t want employers to know that. I have been in Vancouver for 2 weeks and I already got 2 jobs because of you guys!”           Marcus, Community Voice Mail Vancouver client

“Hi this is Lisa. I use my number to let people know where I am in case I go missing or am lost.  Thank you.”
“Community Voice Mail has been incredibly useful for me. It has given me a chance to be able to communicate with people while I haven’t been able to purchase a cell phone or have any other method of communicating. Because I’m on a fixed income — or low income — and I’m actually homeless — the fact that I have Community Voice Mail appears to other people that I am situated and stable. And it allows me to get jobs and stuff like that. I think it’s really important.”               Lisa, Community Voice Mail Vancouver client                   


“Community Voice Mail has been very helpful to me because I have no phone and no money to get one. I use it to stay connected with my support group, my sponsor, my mother, my family, my girlfriend and life in general. Thank you.”
Ron, Community Voice Mail Vancouver client

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