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First Funds Society

When you contribute to First Funds Society and / or Lu’ma Native Housing Society, you help us to provide:

  • Traditional Elders & Healers program to support people wholistically on their healing journey.
  • Aboriginal Youth Mentorship & Housing program to enable individuals make successful transitions from government care to adulthood; and
  • Community Voice Mail to enable individuals who are homeless or phoneless connect to jobs & housing opportunities, family, supportive and community services.

    Making a Donation

    When people make a donation, they receive a Charitable tax credit.  You can prepare a cheque or money order, make a note what program you would like to donate to with your contact address, and mail it to First Funds Society:           2960 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, V5N 5G3.

  • We will mail you a Tax Deductible Receipt.

    Become a Monthly Donor

    Monthly giving is a convenient and cost-effective way for you to help us continue to provide programs and services to families, youth, and patients. You will receive a tax deductable receipt for your contribution.

    courtesy, Git Hay’etsk Dancers

    In Memory/In Honour

    You can make a gift to First Funds Society in memory or in honour of someone you care about. This is a special way of paying tribute to a loved one by helping the Aboriginal community in their name. Acknowledgement of your gift will be sent, along with information about the work of Lu’ma Native Housing Society.


    You can decide to leave a gift to First Funds Society when you are preparing your will. The tax deduction reduces the amount of money your family will have to pay to taxes.

    This is a meaningful way to make a lasting gift to the Aboriginal community in Vancouver served by Lu’ma Native Housing Society’s programs and services to homeless and to medical patients. You only need to name First Funds Society as beneficiary in your will and indicate the amount. You can leave a percentage of your estate, the residue or a specific cash donation, a paid-up life insurance policy, securities or property. Your lawyer can contact us for any legal information that is required. A bequest offers flexibility. You retain complete control during your lifetime and it provides your heirs with tax relief.