Lu’ma Medical Centre

Providing Culturally Safe Healthcare to Families

We strive for excellence in culturally integrated primary health care that is accessible for families.  We provide the conditions urban Indigenous peoples need to improve health and wellbeing.

Patient Update:  There is a Respiratory Illness Public Advisory in Effect.  If you or your family member are experiencing respiratory symptoms such as cough and sneezing,  Please stay home, take care of your health and get fresh air. 

If you need to be hospitalized, please go to a hospital or dial 911.

We are currently providing appointments by Phone and in person with Medical Practitioners.  Sessions with Counsellors and Social Navigators are by phone and in person.  Elders, cultural and spiritual support are provided by phone only at this time for the safety of our knowledge keepers.

You can Book Appointments by email:

or Call 604-558-8822. 

Indigenous Primary Care Home Team

  • MOA’s welcome patients with Friendly Reception.

  • Medical Practitioners engage patients with clear communication, understanding, learning, and participation in active health management.

  • Traditional Elders / Healers share cultural knowledge and teachings and engage patients in practices, ceremonies, and wholistic ways of healing from trauma.     Participate in Women & Childrens’ Drumming Circle, Mens’ Talking Circle, and Womens’ Talking Circle.

  • Counsellor supports individuals and families take steps to recover from trauma.

  • Social Navigator assists patients in accessing resources, removing barriers, completing forms, navigating systems, and opening doors of opportunity.

We are holding off our group activities, circles and workshops temporarily to support community health and safety during this public advisory for respiratory health.  

Here are some Resources you may find useful at this Time…. 

  • This Youtube Channel is hosting workouts for children every morning this week.

  • Vooks App has 1 month free of reading books aloud to children

  • Crisis Centre of BC is a phone line that anyone can all if they are looking for support.

  • This website matches people in need with those looking to help people in need of emotional support, financial support, and grocery delivery.

Financial Resources

Support Description How to Access
⚡ BC Hydro Bill deferral, payment plans, as well as crisis funding is available. Call 1-800-BC-HYDRO or apply online.
🏦 Freeze on rental rates No rent increases are allowed in BC, effective April 1. No action needed. Contact RTB with questions.
🏦 Rental supplement Provides up to $500/month towards rent, paid directly to landlords. Check back for application instructions.
🛏️ Emergency Housing Existing shelters still active and additional emergency options may be available. Call 2-1-1  or search online.


Support Description How to Access
💵 Employment Insurance (EI) Existing EI benefit continues to be available. Provides up to $573/week to people who have lost income. 🍁Apply online.
💵 EI Sickness Benefit One-week waiting period has been waived. 🍁Call 1-833-381-2725 or apply online.
💵 Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) Provides $2000/month to workers who lose income due to COVID-19, including contractors and self-employed people.
(Note: Previous description implied only those who do not qualify for EI are eligible for CERB. However, CERB may actually take the place of EI for new applicants when available. In the meantime, those who qualify for EI should continue to submit for EI, as it is a benefit that lasts up to 45 weeks and can continue after the CERB benefit ends on Oct 3.)
🍁Check back early April for application instructions. More info here.
💵 BC Emergency Benefit One-time additional tax-free payment of $1000 to those on EI or CERB. Check back for application instructions.



Support Description How to Access
💵 GST-credit One-time boost of up to $600 per eligible couple, $400 for eligible individuals in May. 🍁Benefit is paid out according to your income tax return. More info here.
💵 Climate Action Tax Credit One-time boost of up to $564 for eligible families of 4 and $218 for eligible individuals in an enhanced payment in July. Children under 18 years old must be registered for the CCB to qualify. No other action is needed; benefit is paid out according to your income tax return. More info here.
👪 Canada Child Benefit (CCB) One-time boost of $300 per child in May. 🍁No action if you are already registered for CCB. Otherwise, apply online.
🤸 Youth in Care Youth in care will not age out of services during the pandemic. Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) program payments will continue despite school closures and training interruptions.
🧘 Young Adults Program (AYA) Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) program payments will continue to former youth-in-care despite school closures and training interruptions.
💵 Income Assistance Existing Income Assistance program continues to be available for those in need with no other resources. Apply online, by phone at 1-866-866-0800, or visit your local office.
♿ People with Disabilities Existing Disability Assistance program continues to be available. See also full list of additional supports here. Apply online, by phone at 1-866-866-0800, or visit your local office.
👵 Seniors Existing programs continue to be available, including:
—–Old Age Security (OAS): $614/mo (max)
—–Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS): $916/mo (max)
—–Allowance/Allowance for Survivor: $1389/mo (max)













We are currently placing individuals who would like to access primary care at Lu’ma Medical Centre on a Waitlist.  

The sooner you Reach out and Contact us, the sooner we can start a Healing Journey together

Email us for an Appointment

phone  (604) 558-8822   fax  (604) 558-8823

 2970 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, BC, V5N 5G3



For Culturally safe primary care support for individuals with HIV, Hep C, and addictions, please contact Kilala Lelum, an Indigenous Clinic by clicking on this Butterfly:





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